Work 4 a Living


Work 4 a living is a project to equip and empower people with employability and entrepreneurial skills needed to support themselves and their families. Empowering people break the cycle of poverty.


Teaches an excellent work ethic
Teach professionalism in the workplace
Teach how to find a job, keep a job and get promoted
Teach how to work to a standard of excellence
Teach the reality of work
Teach financial literacy and how to start a business
Teach the impact of culture

Why should your company invest in our project?

Pillars of Envolvement

How can your company get involved?

a) Send employees unemployed family members on course to widen possibility of employment
b) Evaluate and report on possible employment candidates
c) Use Anchor as placement agency for ground level workers
d) To change attitude of current employees towards company and other employees


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Training in basic ground level working skills such as work ethic, professionalism, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Reliable Workforce

Teaching people to keep a job and get promoted
Work to a standard of excellence
Cultivate a different mindset


Is created through training
Is created through employment
Is created through the possibility of making a change in the immediate community


Evaluation and certification takes place per course
Only 3E and 4E will be viable to be placed on data basis
Proper follow up and motivation done per trainee

Service Investment

We as a NPO present a service to your company to invest in the training and preparation of possible and current employees
Our approach therefore is not a HAND OUT APPROACH” but rather render of a service to strengthen your company and the economy as a whole
All trainees must pay R100 for the course over a period of 12 working days.
R100 is part of ownership and covers all learning materials

Training Modules

Compilation of CV’s
How to handle yourself during an interview

Not enough job opportunities for all
Start business in your environment

How do you work in absence of employer
Self management
Resources – what have you got and how can you use it

You have a choice to be a professional
Taking responsibility
Breaking racial barriers

Draw up a budget
Money control you or other way around
Compound interest – stay away from debt

All around is unemployed so will I – or I am going to be different
Difference between culture and belief

Where are currently with ethics and values – mom arrive home with pen and pencil so it is fine for me to steal

Any work first 2 years is most difficult
If you resign before 2 years you get taken off the data basis

You need to serve
Attitude of servant hood
Make a difference in you immediate surroundings.

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