Streets of Hope


Anchor of Hope is an umbrella registered non profitable organisation, no 67556, whose ultimate goal is to restore dignity to vulnerable people - irrespective of age, gender, ability, political background or race.

This is achieved by providing clothing and non-perishable food to needy families via a network of organisations, counselling and awareness programs, pregnancy home and job preparation and creation. Each of these divisions concentrate on it’s own field of expertise within the community of Bloemfontein and surrounding areas. Within the sub-division of “JOB CREATION” we have a couch factory, bus seat upholstery, bakery and street cleaning team. The aim of the job creation is sustainability , poverty relief, social and human upliftment and economic upliftment by sowing financially back into the community.

Our street cleaning project is called “STREETS OF HOPE” whereby we use people from the streets that is unemployed to clean streets in and around businesses and serve as parking attendants. In doing this we create work, give people back their dignity and humanity, help with social upliftment AND create a clean environment what communities can be proud off.

We currently have 4 companies supporting this initiative
One company is also using us for parking assistance on an hourly basis and not on a “tip” basis
We are employing 4 people on a half day basis for 6 days a week
We also did once off cleaning at 3 different companies
We still have capacity for 4 companies with this team to fill their day
We have submitted an additional 4 quotations and are awaiting response

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