Bread of Life


Is a bakery mainly operated by disabled people on the premises of Free State Nasorg to give them a sense of worthiness, dignity and purpose built on the basis of love, understanding and their potential irrespective of physical or mental ability. We would therefore appreciate it if you would consider supporting us.


To train and develop disabled people
To equip
To create an environment of worthiness and dignity
To feel accepted by the community

Why should your company invest in our project?

Pillars of Envolvement

1) Enable and develop disabled people
2) Dignity and worthiness
3) Product investment
4) Transparency
5) Financial

How can your company get involved?

1) Buy products such ass bread and cookies from the bakery
2) Buy equipment
3) Buy ingredients

Enable and Develop

Enable disable people to make a contribution to the economy
Develop their skills and self esteem

Dignity and Worthiness

Develop their dignity and worthiness by making a contribution to society and their own living environment.

Product Investment

A company invest in a product by buying a loaf of bread and by investing in a product it supports the economy and the developing of the disabled community.


Please see attached
Tax clearance certificate
Audited financial statements
Government audit
VAT certificate


Financial gain by the company as we are a registered article 18a PBO
BEE certified as135% procurement recognition level and a level 1 contributor

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