Work 4 a Living


Work 4 a living is a project to equip and empower people with employability and entrepreneurial skills needed to support themselves and their families. Empowering people break the cycle of poverty.


Teaches an excellent work ethic
Teach professionalism in the workplace
Teach how to find a job, keep a job and get promoted
Teach how to work to a standard of excellence
Teach the reality of work
Teach financial literacy and how to start a business
Teach the impact of culture

Why should your company invest in our project?

Pillars of Envolvement

How can your company get involved?

a) Send employees unemployed family members on course to widen possibility of employment
b) Evaluate and report on possible employment candidates
c) Use Anchor as placement agency for ground level workers
d) To change attitude of current employees towards company and other employees


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Training in basic ground level working skills such as work ethic, professionalism, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Reliable Workforce

Teaching people to keep a job and get promoted
Work to a standard of excellence
Cultivate a different mindset


Is created through training
Is created through employment
Is created through the possibility of making a change in the immediate community


Evaluation and certification takes place per course
Only 3E and 4E will be viable to be placed on data basis
Proper follow up and motivation done per trainee

Service Investment

We as a NPO present a service to your company to invest in the training and preparation of possible and current employees
Our approach therefore is not a HAND OUT APPROACH” but rather render of a service to strengthen your company and the economy as a whole
All trainees must pay R100 for the course over a period of 12 working days.
R100 is part of ownership and covers all learning materials

Training Modules

Compilation of CV’s
How to handle yourself during an interview

Not enough job opportunities for all
Start business in your environment

How do you work in absence of employer
Self management
Resources – what have you got and how can you use it

You have a choice to be a professional
Taking responsibility
Breaking racial barriers

Draw up a budget
Money control you or other way around
Compound interest – stay away from debt

All around is unemployed so will I – or I am going to be different
Difference between culture and belief

Where are currently with ethics and values – mom arrive home with pen and pencil so it is fine for me to steal

Any work first 2 years is most difficult
If you resign before 2 years you get taken off the data basis

You need to serve
Attitude of servant hood
Make a difference in you immediate surroundings.

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Bread of Life


Is a bakery mainly operated by disabled people on the premises of Free State Nasorg to give them a sense of worthiness, dignity and purpose built on the basis of love, understanding and their potential irrespective of physical or mental ability. We would therefore appreciate it if you would consider supporting us.


To train and develop disabled people
To equip
To create an environment of worthiness and dignity
To feel accepted by the community

Why should your company invest in our project?

Pillars of Envolvement

1) Enable and develop disabled people
2) Dignity and worthiness
3) Product investment
4) Transparency
5) Financial

How can your company get involved?

1) Buy products such ass bread and cookies from the bakery
2) Buy equipment
3) Buy ingredients

Enable and Develop

Enable disable people to make a contribution to the economy
Develop their skills and self esteem

Dignity and Worthiness

Develop their dignity and worthiness by making a contribution to society and their own living environment.

Product Investment

A company invest in a product by buying a loaf of bread and by investing in a product it supports the economy and the developing of the disabled community.


Please see attached
Tax clearance certificate
Audited financial statements
Government audit
VAT certificate


Financial gain by the company as we are a registered article 18a PBO
BEE certified as135% procurement recognition level and a level 1 contributor

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There are 9 000 000 girls in South Africa between the ages of 13 and 19.

This is the school going age of menstruating girls. Their Education is hindered by 25%, as these girls do not go to school whilst they are menstruating as they have no access to sanitary wear. That is one week every month, which is a massive set back in their school careers. If there is money in the family it first goes to food.

The sanitation in the schools is mostly dismal, if not of a very low standard, which makes it extremely difficult for girls to discard used sanitary pads. The majority of the workers that migrate into the city to work as domestics or at markets or anywhere they choose, all have the same problem of the cost and disposal of sanitary pads. The monthly cycle of a woman should be something to celebrate and not to dread.

This is a normal part of any woman’s life which should not impede her progress through life. However, some methods of menstrual hygiene employed in developing countries include:

Packets tied around the body filled with sand and leaves,
Waste paper
News paper
Old cloths

Previously soiled and dried sanitary pads – if they have any not always their own. It is extremely concerning that young ladies miss up to a week of school each month when they menstruate. This certainly hinders their education and sets them back, putting them at a clear disadvantage against their male counterparts. Education is the future for our county. Women deserve better.


Esther is a project that focus on broken and hopeless women and young girls. Dignity, hope and worthiness is established in each of them through our job creation project where washable sanitary towels are made and distributed among girls who cannot afford it.


To supply every young girl from age 13 to 18 in the Free State who cannot afford sanitary towels, with a sanitary kit based on a 2 year cycle
To equip and inform girls about there unique biological bodies
To give girls a chance to feel worthy and finish their academic obligation with dignity
To create work and create a dignified social environment for not only girls but women as well.

Why should your company invest in our project?

Pillars of Envolvement

1) Education
2) Health
3) Cost effectiveness
4) Greenhouse effect
5) Dignity
6) Product investment
7) Transparency
8) Financial

How can your company get involved

1) Financial sponsorship (Lump sum donation & Sponsor class of learners or individuals)
2) Company or colleague challenge


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

According to national statistics SA have almost 6 888910 girls between the ages of 13 - 16 yrs old that does not have direct access to sanitary wear due to financial restraints. The effect is that these girls do not attend school due to their menstrual cycle and they are absent 12 weeks per year = 3 months a year. This causes a direct impact on our pass rates, emotional stability and social welfare of the communities.


Sanitary pads and tampons can be a serious health risk.
The sanitary products that we use are made with chemicals that enter the body through the skin and can cause cancer over time.
To kill the unbearable and unpleasant smell of the menstrual blood deodorants and perfumes are added to the pad. The scented pads can interfere in your embryo tic development in which your fertility gets affected.
Then there is the side where sanitary pads are not available to girls due to certain factors and these girls uses plastic bags, cow dung and even mud.

Cost Effectiveness

On average a household with one girl spends up to R600.00 a year on disposable sanitary towels. That is R1200.00 over two year cycle
Our washable sanitary towels if looked after can last up to TWO YEARS at R210 for a small size kit.
That is a saving of R390.00/girl in her first cycle of two years and another R390.00/girl in her second cycle.
This is a saving of R32.50 per girl/household/month
If a company decides to sponsor 200 girls it will save a community R78 000.00/year

Greenhouse Effect

We have a holistic approach to this matter pertaining to the environment and consequently we want to ensure that every aspect imparting on the environment is taken into account.
An average woman in SA uses 16,000 or more pads or tampons in her lifetime. That’s 437500 women x 16, 000 = 7 billion pads and tampons landing on landfills.
Most of them contains chemicals and toxins additives and synthetic material such as plastic.
The plastic takes about 500 years to breakdown.
They also end up polluting our rivers, lakes and sea.
Alternatives to disposable sanitary towels are the reusable pads which are made out of fabrics which are biodegradable.


Dignity is the one aspect that changes the social landscape of any country. A girl without dignity caused by shame, low self esteem and unworthiness leads to low social and moral values. These low values leads to unplanned pregnancies, sexual violence and misconduct AND substance abuse.

Product Investment

We as a NPO present a product for your company to buy to make a difference in the lives of thousands of girls.Our approach therefore is not a HAND OUT APPROACH” but rather the supply of a high quality product at a set price, thereby creating work, hope and dignity.

All kits will be handed out at a school on a “Esther Day” when girls of the school will be educated and motivated on:
- The compilation of their biological bodies,
- Menstruation awareness,
- The personal care of their bodies
- Product information and care,
- Motivational talks to improve worthiness and dignity

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Streets of Hope


Anchor of Hope is an umbrella registered non profitable organisation, no 67556, whose ultimate goal is to restore dignity to vulnerable people - irrespective of age, gender, ability, political background or race.

This is achieved by providing clothing and non-perishable food to needy families via a network of organisations, counselling and awareness programs, pregnancy home and job preparation and creation. Each of these divisions concentrate on it’s own field of expertise within the community of Bloemfontein and surrounding areas. Within the sub-division of “JOB CREATION” we have a couch factory, bus seat upholstery, bakery and street cleaning team. The aim of the job creation is sustainability , poverty relief, social and human upliftment and economic upliftment by sowing financially back into the community.

Our street cleaning project is called “STREETS OF HOPE” whereby we use people from the streets that is unemployed to clean streets in and around businesses and serve as parking attendants. In doing this we create work, give people back their dignity and humanity, help with social upliftment AND create a clean environment what communities can be proud off.

We currently have 4 companies supporting this initiative
One company is also using us for parking assistance on an hourly basis and not on a “tip” basis
We are employing 4 people on a half day basis for 6 days a week
We also did once off cleaning at 3 different companies
We still have capacity for 4 companies with this team to fill their day
We have submitted an additional 4 quotations and are awaiting response

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Anchor in Sobriety


1) Family restoration
2) Awareness programs
3) One on one counselling
4) Sober living
5) Partnerships with government and law institutions

We have a drug awareness campaign that we run in schools throughout Bloemfontein
We also have drug awareness and workshops for companies
Then we have started in August with one on one drug counselling
We have partnered with Victory Outreach where we can send people for drug rehabilitation at no cost
We have also partnered with Nurture Woodlands where we send people for substance abuse and psychological help. These services are NOT for free and are paid by the medical aid of the patient or privately paid.
We are also in partnership with Family Restoration Centre where we send people on courses and seminars to restore and rebuild themselves and the loved ones around them.
We also do awareness programs with SAPS, HAWKS and Correctional Services at schools, universities and colleges.

Sober Living Coaching

Anchored in sobriety focus on individuals and groups that is caught up in substance abuse to stand on a firm foundation of sobriety and are committed to families, corporate companies and the individual through group and individual sessions.

For groups and individuals substance awareness workshops are facilitated and individual counselling offered. For the family or loved ones that is tired of the pain and hurt that is caused by substance abuse, maybe it is time for a different approach. We do addiction counselling alongside holistic therapy and group sessions. To really mend from addiction – not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally - human beings need connection, fellowship and care that serves their unique needs.

Anchor in Sobriety is not a rehabilitation centre, but do partner with centres and individuals with such needs can be referred.

Our councillor, Andre Strydom, is registered with the National Substance Abuse Board and fees for different services will be negotiated and agreed upon prior to any workshop or counselling.

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