Anchor of Hope Projects

Continious Projects


Anchor of Hope support 3 day cares with about 285 children in phase 3,5 and Khotsong. We give them maize once a month and also use this time to minister to the children. We also give them clothes and bedding as needed.

We support churches in the township with food, clothes, bedding and kitchenware. We also support 3 churches in the city with food and clothes.

Together with Debonair's Pizza we are distributing +- 200 bread loafs a week to hungry and needy people.

The clothing bank where we have 20 000 - 25 000 pieces of clothes at any given time which we give to the poor and other organizations in need. We also have beds, bedding ,toys and some furniture which we give to those in need.  We plan to centralize all clothing banks in the city to eliminate clothing not used due to wrong sizes.

A school and hobo project was started in 2015 and is still growing. We collect old school stationary and clothes, clean them and handed it to children in need. on the hobo side we make up boxes with the bare necessities to give to homeless people who arrive on the doorstep of churches or organizations.

We assist 28 other organizations with clothes and food such as farm workers, safe houses, children's homes, baby houses, government organizations. We also assisted another 36 organisations on an ad hock basis.

This is a program which was taken over from KMD were we visit schools and talk to them about abstaining. During 2018 we visited 4 schools on invitation and we had very good feedback. We are currently using a program called UNDILUTED which is approved by the Department of Education about sexuality.

We have a full time person that work in four areas around Bloemfontein. In these areas we support the community with food and clothes where and if necessary. The areas are Khotsong, Freedom Square, Bergman and Heidedal.

We support in partnership with Econo Foods two feeding schemes. We do the supervision, admin and supply of products to these feeding schemes. At Heide Primary School we support their current feeding scheme 2 days a week and at Heidedal a home feeding scheme 4 days a week.

We support 3 church groups in Bloemfontein to reach out in Bloemfontein, Botswana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe with food, bibles, clothes and stationary for children.

Yearly Projects

We have 6 major projects a year for which it takes a whole year to collect all the items for each project. The projects are:

1) The blanket and jacket project in the winter;
2) the soft toy project for the cancer patients at National Hospital during December;
3) the toy project for day care centres and farm schools;
4) Street Store in partnership;
5) supporting the UFS on their yearly Botswana outreach with food, clothes and blankets and other churches to Lesotho,
6) Mandela Day outreach with to Food Forward SA

In 2017 we handed out 1 200 blankets and 2 800 jackets. The jackets and blankets are handed out in the very poor areas of Bloemfontein and this year we even sent jackets to Kimberley, De Wetsdorp, Botshabello and Wepener The soft toy project we hand out soft toys with a sweet in the cancer halls of the National Hospital. This year we handed out 300 soft toys. The soft toys are all old ones that people gives to us, which we then clean and seal and donors donate new ones as well. We handed out 400 toys to needy children all over the Free State. The toys we hand out is also old toys which we clean and seal. The Bible project is also very important each year. We aim to hand out 500 Bibles each year. Some of these Bibles are old and are fixed and sealed before handed out.

The outreach program is growing fast and during 2017 we assisted 3 churches with outreaches to Lesotho, Zimbabwe and the UFS to Botswana. We gave them 1 000 kg of clothes and 1 000kg of maize.
New projects on the horizon are outreaches to small towns around Bloemfontein and the Women’s Correctional Facility in Kroonstad.