Anchor in Sobriety


1) Family restoration
2) Awareness programs
3) One on one counselling
4) Sober living
5) Partnerships with government and law institutions

We have a drug awareness campaign that we run in schools throughout Bloemfontein
We also have drug awareness and workshops for companies
Then we have started in August with one on one drug counselling
We have partnered with Victory Outreach where we can send people for drug rehabilitation at no cost
We have also partnered with Nurture Woodlands where we send people for substance abuse and psychological help. These services are NOT for free and are paid by the medical aid of the patient or privately paid.
We are also in partnership with Family Restoration Centre where we send people on courses and seminars to restore and rebuild themselves and the loved ones around them.
We also do awareness programs with SAPS, HAWKS and Correctional Services at schools, universities and colleges.

Sober Living Coaching

Anchored in sobriety focus on individuals and groups that is caught up in substance abuse to stand on a firm foundation of sobriety and are committed to families, corporate companies and the individual through group and individual sessions.

For groups and individuals substance awareness workshops are facilitated and individual counselling offered. For the family or loved ones that is tired of the pain and hurt that is caused by substance abuse, maybe it is time for a different approach. We do addiction counselling alongside holistic therapy and group sessions. To really mend from addiction – not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally - human beings need connection, fellowship and care that serves their unique needs.

Anchor in Sobriety is not a rehabilitation centre, but do partner with centres and individuals with such needs can be referred.

Our councillor, Andre Strydom, is registered with the National Substance Abuse Board and fees for different services will be negotiated and agreed upon prior to any workshop or counselling.

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